Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Dear BBC How Do I Work with You?

I thought I’d pluck up the courage to ask the questions on many people’s minds at BarCamp, who might like to work for, or with the BBC.
I run an agency for animators, and am looking for creative contracts, but I also wanted to ask some questions on behalf of my friend, who is still hanging in there in the BBC Talent Pool, eager to know if there are still openings for her.
The spirit of BarCamp is great that someone like me can ask these questions, and lots of lovely and helpful BBC people leapt to my aid!

So – for the likes of my friend, do not despair. Hang on in there! There have been masses of applications to the Pool, and the BBC people there were genuinely apologetic for those who’ve been waiting for a long time – the record is apparently 531 days between application and getting a job!
They haven’t fully recruited yet at Salford – still a quarter of new staff to find, and still some high-level jobs to fill.
This is as departments have been moving into Salford at different times and vacancies have been filled when needed – in 2010, 2011 and some will even come up in early 2012.
The BBC Talent Pool (where people submitted a general CV) is now closed to applications, and people who have already applied will be considered for all relevant jobs. Over 70% of the jobs so far have been filled from the Talent Pool, and there is commitment to use applicants for the Pool for remaining jobs where possible.
The Future Media Department are still on the lookout for skilled people, and there are lots of openings in Mobile and Connected TV.
If you want to update your CV for the talent pool, please send to
People who aren’t in the Talent Pool, can still apply for jobs individually if it is advertised. The North recruitment team will first look within the Talent Pool to find suitable candidates to shortlist but they will advertise if they need to find additional candidates – on
Linked In is an important recruitment tool for the team who are recruiting for BBC Future Media. It gives a rich picture of applicants skills, experience and networks, when shortlisting. Include portfolios and evidence of your work and keep your connections and testimonials relevant and genuine.
If you want to be kept up to date with which jobs are coming up, connect to Linked In with the recruiters Brett Davies, Gareth Allen and Stephen Kirk.
The BBC North 2011 Jobs Linked In Group is also useful.

So for us freelancers and companies, there are lots of opportunities to work with the BBC.
They buy in a lot of technical and creative work from individuals, companies and larger agencies. Freelancers need to show evidence of working as credible businesses.
They have just completed a review of the Approved Suppliers process, and have simplified their contracting requirements for contracts under £30K. As ever, there is a lot of competition, and people wanting to work with the BBC need to be pro-active and find ways to stand out from the crowd.

External suppliers meet up bi-annually, the next networking event will be in November.
For further information check out

Good luck!

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