Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Thankyou for a great event!

Thankyou to the team behind the Bar Camp event at Media City - it was great fun!
Welcoming, friendly, really informative and a fantastic networking opportunity.
As a "user" of technology, rather than a tecchy person, I set out to learn, absorb new language and ask lots of questions - thanks to the patient souls who explained things so brilliantly.
Met lots of people, got new twitter friends and was exceedingly well fed and watered.
Absolutely bowled over by the wonderful new BBC buildings - I've had the studio tour, and been in Bridge House but I liked this building much more!

I came with some of my super-talented friends from Animated Yorkshire, animation supremo Zane Whittingham, composer extraordinaire Matt Oglesby and tv producer, voice over artist and twitter superstar Julie Roberts, who had an equally exciting time.
Enjoyed chewing the fat on some juicy topics in the sessions - How do your emotions affect the way you view online content? How children play online games. A memorial for Martin Luther King. Wordpress. Connected TV. Kinect. Plus a chance to watch and play lots of games and to play with some new stuff.
The small moments are often the best - those people you talk to in queues for lunch, or that you have a coffee with or a chat at a quiet moment. There was a great spirit of generosity and openness. Great to feel part of all of the excitement at Media City - there is a real energy here. Got me really thinking, inspired and open to new ways of doing things - thankyou so much!

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